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Our first DVD: Diné Bikéyah dóó Bizaad

The Cultural topics include:  1. Navajoland (Hooghan, Spider Rock), and the symbolic meanings in the 2. The National Flag and 3. The Nation Seal

The Language topics include: 1. Basic Conversation, 2. Animals, 3. Colors, 4. Numbers, 5. Occupations, 6. A Little Girls Story, 7. Consonants, and 8. Vowels.

The entire DVD runs over 1 hour and 45 minutes. The Cultural parts are narrated in English, the language is spoken and written in both Navajo and English.


Price: $25 each

The Hair bun





The design is that of the traditional wedding basket. Many woman, young and old wear these with their traditional clothing. The white yarn is sewn into the circlular pattern. It comes in 3 different lengths 8in., 10 in.,  and 12 inches. Leita could sew it in or ship it out separately.

Price: $20 each